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    Welcome: Cai Sheng UV printer, we specialize in large machines
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    Why choose us

    10 years experience in production design

    10 years experience in production design

    Hongsheng Long Run UV flatbed printer manufacturers, more than 10 years of production expe
    Professional technical research and development team

    Professional technical research and deve

    Professional technical engineers more than 50, 18 senior engineers, a strong technical R &


    Hongsheng Long Run more than 200 employees, of whom nearly 100 professional sales staff, o
    Intimate after-sales service

    Intimate after-sales service

    After-sales service system improved, more than 40 technical staff near the world arrangeme



    about us

          Shenzhen Hongsheng Long Run Color Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer integrating UV printer, UV flatbed printer, flatbed printer, universal printer R & D, production and sales. It is engaged in R & D and production of universal printer and UV flatbed printer in China, In the field of UV printer has accumulated rich experience in Relying on Ricoh, Epson Intel Seiko and other well-known manufacturers of technical support platform, Hongsheng Long Run color printing successfully developed a full range of Long Run UV flatbed printer models, is the national flat-panel printer models more Of the manufacturers, to meet the needs o...



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